My First Ride on the Rebuilt 1999 Suzuki RM125

Suzuki’s entry-level motocross machine offers punchy but scaled-back performance to familiarise younger riders with racing. Equipped with engine technology found on major competition machines and equipped with top-spec chassis construction and sturdy suspension components, its goal is to help youngsters prepare themselves for success in races.

It has also been designed for rapid development to meet children’s rapid pace of growth. For instance, the RM85L features larger wheels for improved ground clearance and compliance with taller riders.


The engine on this year’s RM125 is markedly improved over last year’s, featuring a solid KX-clone powerband that produces serious ponies while remaining composed due to a perfectly placed spread.

The powerband is also responsive and has a light feel, making the RM an absolute pleasure to ride on twisty tracks. This machine easily manages S-turns, directional changes, and tight berms with pinpoint precision—an ultimate whip-it machine!

Suzuki borrowed Kawasaki’s engine in 1999, an intelligent move considering their expertise in building powerful 125 motors. Now, with their newly developed engine for the RM250, this machine provides responsive handling and adjustable suspension systems to match its excellent responsive frame and suspension system.


This frame is a used factory take-off part, in good condition but may exhibit signs of use, including scrapes, dents, and wear from use. This item comes complete with only a bill of sale.

Kris Keefer and Aden talk in this video about the RM125 bike that they built together in their garage, as well as its performance during rides, as well as comparisons to one Keefer used to race as a child. They agree that it makes an ideal bike for beginning riders due to its easy maintenance, reliable suspension, and tires, as well as a powerful engine, with great power for training purposes at an attractive price tag.


Suspension upgrades make a difference when riding, whether off-road or on the track. From new shocks to fork cartridges or springs, we have everything you need to upgrade your bike experience.

This part is an exact, fully functioning factory leftover that shows normal signs of wear. It has been thoroughly tested and is free from leaks, but please expect some normal signs of use, as shown in the photos.

Patented fork seals feature a three-lip design to evenly distribute pressure, lowering operating temperature, wear, and friction, while custom elastomer dust seals help keep dirt out of fork tubes. Also included with each fork seal are washers and seals as required by USA manufacturers.


Ten years was an impressively dominating period for Suzuki in the 125 class, earning an unprecedented ten motocross world titles on their RM series machines. Their brilliant motor, advanced suspension system, and feathery handling allowed them to win every level of competition with ease.

The 125cc “Power Reed” motor was an absolute delight to race, featuring an abundance of power across an impressively broad and usable powerband. Additionally, its small bore and innovative cooling system provided ample cooling of its internal workings for maximum engine performance.

Up front, the RM used a pair of Kayaba forks that were excellent (for their time) and could be easily adjusted without external adjustment. While built more for hard riding than hammering, they often felt stiff under hard acceleration; nonetheless, they worked effectively overall.

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