Deadliest Food that People Eat

From the most lethal of poisonous fish to the strangest species of subterranean mushrooms, the culinary world is brimming with some of the strangest and most wonderful ingredients this planet has to offer.

10. Octopus

Believe it or not, an appetizer is known as Sannakji, which roughly translates to “wriggling octopus,” is one of the most popular dishes in Seoul, South Korea.

An average of six people die each year from choking on Sanaa Chi with the suction cups of a young live octopus that is cut into incredibly small pieces and served immediately, and yes, as you may have guessed, the dish is served while it moving incredibly.

9. Blood Clamps

This seafood has disproportionately made up some of the world’s most lethal ingredients.

They have a very high probability of killing you and are extremely popular in Chinese cuisine. Blood clamps are a species of clamp that gets their name from the blood-red haemoglobin liquid found inside the soft tissues of Indo-Pacific natives.

8. Monkey Brains

Monkey brains are not exactly an item on the menu that most people would salivate over, but they are a deadly delicacy in several Asian cuisines. Monkey brains are eaten raw in some parts of China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and some urban legends even claim that they are eaten from the head of a live monkey.

7. Bullfrog Legs

Bullfrog is a delicious component of many African cuisines, particularly in Namibia, where giant bullfrogs are eaten as a national speciality. Normally, bullfrogs are perfectly safe to eat, but the selection process of this ingredient is where things get dangerous. If the bullfrog is too young and premature, it’s likely to carry a toxin that causes kidney failure, and if it’s too old and frail, it’s likely to carry a toxin that causes death.

6. Hakarl

As the national dish of Iceland, hakarl, which roughly translates to fermented shark in English, is essentially just that, consisting of Greenland shark or other species of sleeper shark chunks that are cured in sand and gravel and then subjected to one of the most intense fermentation processes in Scandinavian cooking.

5. Elderberries

 Elderberries can be incredibly dangerous and debilitating to humans. Although we now know that eating raw and uncooked elderberries can be fatal in the right amount, it took society several hundred years of trial and error before realizing exactly what was going on. Given the right preparation, the elderberry can be incredibly beneficial to the human body, and it can strengthen the immune system to reduce the impact of the common cold and boost vitamins A B and C.

To know about the Top 5 deadliest food eaten, watch the video and uncover your curiosity.

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